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10-06-2020 MPIPHP Qualifying Period Assistance and Hardship Premium Waiver

MPIPHP Qualifying Period Assistance and Hardship Premium Waiver

The AMPTP and the Management Directors of the MPI Benefits Committee have agreed with the Labor Directors to the following; for those participants in the qualifying period that ended Sept. 19th. In addition, you will see the agreed upon waiver of participant dependent premium through the end of the year.

Eligibility Modifications

6-5-2020 Safety Pass Classes

We are working hard to get the “Back to Work” protocols in order to jumpstart the Industry. 

Do not miss a work opportunity because you are missing a Safety Pass class.

All classes can be completed on-line except for “B2” Boom/Scissor Lift Rigging for Set Lighting Technicians; “D1” Advanced Fall Protection; “E2” Fire Extinguisher Safety. These are either blended classes or hands on training.

Please check your Safety Pass Classes. 



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