Future Member Resources

Welcome to the IATSE Local 728 Future Members Orientation Videos. This is where we go over how and why you should join IATSE Local 728. This resource was put together by our Young Worker's Committee.


Join the Friends of Local 728 FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/local728

How To Join Local 728: https://www.iatse728.org/sites/default/files/files/Joining%20Local%20728...

How to Organize a Show:  LOCAL 728 ORGANIZER Rev 09-08-22_0.pdf

Show Flipping Show flipping FAQ (Final).pdf

Updating yourself on the Referral List (Pre-formatted email): https://l.linklyhq.com/l/Ojw9

Industry Experience Roster Application: https://www.csatf.org/rosters-lists/industry-experience-roster/

Commercial Roster Application: https://www.csatf.org/rosters-lists/tv-commercial-roster/

Hollywood CPR: http://www.hollywoodcpr.org/

Part 1

In this Video: A little labor history and why unions are important today.

Part 2

In this Video: We talk about the benefits of joining IATSE Local 728. Health benefits, retirement savings, pension, life insurance policies, and of course more higher paid work!

Part 3

In this Video: Working as a permitted hire and keeping your information up to date on the referral list.

Part 4

In this Video: Joining Local 728 by going through Hollywood CPR. Also talk about roster placement and making application with contract services.

Part 5

In this Video: Getting involved in union activism before and after you're a member.



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Local 728 Bulletin

The color version of the Local 728 Bulletin is available online.