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Making History: Your Local 728 Trustees
The Strength of your Leadership Team
Social Security History & Reforms, Past, Present & Future Part III
Guide To Retirement
Motion Picture Trust Fund is here for you
Upcoming Election

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Busy Times On & Off The Set
Important MPI Benefit Improvements
Info From the from the Motion Picture Trust Fund
Social Security History & Reforms, Past, Present & Future Part II
The Hughes Family - Generations

Inside this issue 2017 #1 FINAL.pdf
Thank You Bruce!
Protecting the Labor Movement
Elections Have Consequences
Social Security History & Reforms, Past, Present & Future Part I 
Martin Luther King Day Parade

  • Special Column - A look into the past. John Monte Profile
  • President's Column - Our Level Of Excellence Is No Coincidence
  • Business Rep's Report - The New Member's Roster Dilemma
  • Treasurer - Call Steward - Financial Planning Milestones In Your Thirties


  • "The Voice" Behind the scenes
  • Labor Movement - Down but not out
  • Critical Labor Legislation Needs Our Support
  • 21st Century Website
  • Our Contribution Is Undeniable
  • Local’s Enhanced Leadership Role
  • The Heart of 2016 Endorsements
  • Unnecessary Pain and Suffering
  • Members Celebrate Kingdom Day
  • Happy Trails to You
  • 2016 is going to be one WILD Ride
  • Local 728 Holiday Party Photos
  • Permits
  • Record El Niño Prompts Safety Awareness



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