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2015-2016 Local 728 Scholarship Application

The deadline for filing is December 31, 2015

Local 728 Scholarship Recipients

- Only two IATSE Scholarship Foundation Awards are given each year. Proudly, we congratulate these winners from Local 728:

- Rachel Tynes, daughter of Jim and Chantal Tynes - 2011
- Kendall M Capshaw, daughter of Joseph and Nikki Capshaw - 2010
- Louisa Levy, daughter of Jeff Levy - 2008
- Mary Elizabeth Seward, daughter of O. Roger Seward - 2006

- In 2011, Hillary Tilden, a 2007 Local 728 Scholarship winner, was awarded a Scholarship from Union Plus. Hillary is the daughter of Brian Tilden.

Where Are They Now?

- Click here to find out what Michael Katz’ daughter, Anna (1999 Scholarship winner) is up to.
- Riley Kolus (2014 winner), son of Derrick and Karen Kolus, expresses his appreciation and what he plans on doing with his Local 728 Scholarship. Click here.


2015 (17th Annual)
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Sofia Chambers
Daughter of
Richard and Janna Chambers
Lauren Waldman
Daughter of
Kelly and Suzanne Waldman​
Amelia McCurley
Daughter of
Gregory and Marguerite Mcurley
Samantha Robbins
Daughter of
Lyle Robbins and
Cathy Goodman-Robbins
Danielle Giraldo
Daughter of
Eduardo Giraldo and
Kimberly Fogle
Constance Duster
Daughter of
John and Mi Hui Duster

Julia Tapia
Daughter of
Manuel and Evelia Tapia



2014 (16th Annual)
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Samuel McKinnon
Son of
Brian and Andrea McKinnon
Ariana Dermand
Daughter of
Benjamin Dermand and
Amy Herring
Victoria Guillemard
Daughter of
Pascal and Annelle Guillemard
Riley Kolus
Son of
Derrick and Karen Kolus
Kelsi Parsons
Daughter of
Michael and Marni Parsons
Hunter Gorczycki
Son of
Jarek and Marian Gorczycki
Maya Bouchet
Daughter of
Phillip and Cathleen Badger
Nicolette Fundora
Daughter of
George and Jeanine Fundora
Mara Conway
Daughter of
Chris and Lisa Conway
Brianna M. Krejsa
Daughter of
Frank Krejsa, Jr.
Shelby Reinhardt
Daughter of
Steve and Victoria Reinhardt
Fiona Bradford
Daughter of
Curtiss and Deborah Bradford
Jacob Bojsza
Son of
Marek and Maria Bojsza
Jason Breedlove
Son of
Shawn and Poken-Land-Breedlove



2013 (15th Annual)
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Fiona 0'Higgins
Daughter of
Iain and Nancy O'Higgins
Ian McKinnon
Son of
Brian and Andrea McKinnon
Meghan Spencer
Daughter of
James and Karen Spencer
Ryan Booth
Son of
Ken and Regina Booth
Reyna Mosley
Daughter of
Donald and Brenda Mosley

Antar Abderrahman
Son of
Antar Abderrahman, Jr. and
Kay Yamamoto



2012 (14th Annual)
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Jennifer Banta
Daughter of
Gregory and Joanne Banta
Amanda Crane
Daughter of
Brian and Pauline Crane
John English
Son of
Jack and Kerry English
Francesca Ferrara
Daughter of
Robert and Nancy Ferrara
Daniel Hibbard
Son of
Michael and Judi Hibbard
Jacob McIlvaine
Son of
Paul and Susan McIlvaine
Michelle Songstad
Daughter of
Gary and Marie Songstad
Samual Tilden

Son of

Brian and Laurel Tilden
Katherine Worn

Daughter of

Jeffrey and Sherry Worn



2011 (13th Annual)
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Hannah R. Kolus
Daughter of
Derrick and Karen Kolus
Alexandra Ward
Daughter of
Tony and Janet Ward
Esme Levy
Daughter of
Jeff Levy & Heather Roseborough
Sierra Parsons
Daughter of
Michael and Marni Parsons
Christy Lundin
Daughter of
Justin and Patricia Lundin
Landon Tango
Son of
Jesse and Debbie Tango
Rachel Tynes
Daughter of
Jim and Chantal Tynes
Emma Bradford
Daughter of
Curtis and Deborah Bradford
Kendall Higgins
Son of
Todd Higgins & Tammy Campbell
Noah Luke
Son of
Dickinson Luke & Brett Aronowitz
Donald Bixby
Son of
Don and Barbara Bixby
Louie Marroquin
Son of
Mark and Irene Marroquin
Lyle Cerone
Son of
Michael and Lori Cerone



2010 (12th Annual)
Read the Bulletin article.
Kendall M. Capshaw
Daughter of
Joseph and Nikki Capshaw
Sarah M. Sassen
Daughter of
Roger and Karen Sassen
Cheyenne R. Spencer
Daughter of
Scott and Patricia Spencer
Isabel A. O'Higgins
Daughter of
Iain and Nancy O'Higgins
Kyle R. Booth
Son of
Ken and Regina Booth
Monique M. Martinez
Daughter of
Mark and Margie Martinez
Amelia R.

Daughter of
Martin Bosworth
and Serena Cosgrove
Anastasia S. Alvarado
Daughter of
and Pamela Alvarado
Rebecca J. Wood
Daughter of
David and Martha Wood
Holly N. Avery
Daughter of
Paul and Merci Avery
Sarah J. Durr
Daughter of
Timothy and Vilay Durr
Mackenzie R.

Daughter of
John McGonegle
and Lisa Scibird



2009 (11th Annual)

Read the Bulletin article.

2008 (10th annual)
Read the Bulletin article.
Alison Mathis (Steve Mathis)
Louisa Levy (Jeffrey Levy)
Madeleine Ary (Paul Ary)
Mina Trujillo (Juan Trujillo)
Robert McCarthy (Robert McCarthy)

2007 (9th Annual)
Read the Bulletin article.
Daniel Vakay (Paul Vakay III) 
Salma Vir-Banks (Willie Dawkins)
James Wirosko (James Wirosko)
Kaela Napolitano (Christopher Napolitano)
Hillary Tilden (Brian Tilden)
Kara Bixby (Donald Bixby)
Kassandra Cornick (James Cornick)
Erica Freeman (M. C. Collins)
Dinah Emmons (Bradley Emmons)
Hayley Petzoldt (Paul Petzoldt)

2006 (8th Annual)
Read the Bulletin article.
Vanamali Compton (David Alan Compton)
Kylee S. Zimmerman-Pearn (Bruce S. Pearn)
Robert J. Krattiger (Robert E. Krattiger)
Skye A. Strong (Christopher Strong)
Rachael Marsik (David Marsik)
David Sassen (Roger Sassen)
Eryk E. Summers (Richard Summers)
Cristal J. Vasquez (Rene Jimenez)
Alexander Glick (Adam Glick)
Carlos Sanchez (Miguel Sanchez)

2005 (7th Annual)
Read the Bulletin article.
Heather McIlvaine (Paul McIlvaine)
Ryan Norwall (Darrin Norwall)
Lucas Mathis (Steve Mathis)
Laura Greenberg (Bill Greenberg)
Katie English (Jack English)
Joseph Alvarado (Joseph Alvarado)
Brianna Bishop (Dennis Bishop)

2004 (6th Annual)
Alexandrea Rodriguez (H. Alex Rodriguez)
Alison R. Wheeland (Kenneth Wheeland)
Natallie M. Bray (Dean Bray)
Erin K. McIlvaine (Paul McIlvaine)
Robert DeChellis (Mike DeChellis)
Ariadne Reynolds (Darryl Reynolds)

2003 (5th Annual)
Lindsey Kimura (James Kimura)
Erin McConocha (James R. McConocha)
Rebecca Wardell (Greg Wardell)
Cody Wheeland (Kenneth Wheeland)
Nicole Vietor (Joseph Orefice)
Heather Bixby

2002 (4th Annual)
Jillian Elizabeth Hastings (Steve Hastings)
Courtney A. Petzoldt (Paul F. Petzoldt)
Daniel T. Durr (Tim Durr)
Brittany L. Glass (Randolph Glass)
Ryan C. Keys

2001 (3rd Annual)
Gina Theresa Fiore (Robert Fiore)
Heather M. Fieldsteel (Scott Fieldsteel)
Elizabeth K. A. DeChellis (Mike DeChellis)
Gemma T. Walker (John Walker)
Francesca E. Serrano

2000 (2nd Annual)
Morgan C. Hawkins
Theresa Abbene (Victor Abbene)
Kenneth Wehr (Dennis Wehr)

1999 (1st Annual)
Max D. Comess (Peggy Rex)
Anna C. Katz (Michael Katz)
Camille P. Bateman (Charles Bateman)
Katy J. Mareneck (William Mareneck)



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