AC Power Distribution Distribution Burbank, CA
ACT Lighting (GrandMA) Consoles, LED Agoura Hills, CA
Advance Motion Picture Lighting Distribution Los Angeles, CA
American Grip Stands Sun Valley, CA
ARRI Tungsten, HMI, LED, CST Germany
Backstage Equipment Carts North Hollywood, CA
Bardwell & McAlister Tungsten, LED Los Angeles, CA
Barger Lite Tungsten Venice, CA
Bender Entertainment Technologies GFCI Burbank, CA
Brite Shot LED Deerfield Beach, FL
Bron Imaging (Kobold) HMI Edison, NJ
Checkers Industrial Products (Guard Dog) Cable crossovers Broomfield, CO
Chimera Soft boxes Boulder, CO
Cinemills Tungsten, HMI, Fluorescent Burbank, CA
Color Kinetics LED

Burlington, MA

Cush Light LED design, fabrication, and installation Pasadena, CA
Dadco HMI, distribution Sun Valley, CA
Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC) Tungsten, LED, consoles, dimmers Sun Valley, CA
Film Gear Tungsten, HMI, fluorescent, LED China
Firefly LED Cable Protectors Thousand Oaks, CA
HydroFlex Underwater El Segundo, CA
J-Box Industries Tungsten, soft boxes Sun Valley, CA
K5600 Lighting HMI North Hollywood, CA
Kerma LED Glendale, CA
Kinetic Lighting LED Los Angeles, CA
Kino Flo Fluorescent Burbank, CA
Komet LED Solana Beach, CA
LEDZ LED Burbank, CA
Lee Filters USA Gels Burbank, CA
Leonetti Company HMI Pacoima, CA
Lex Products Distrubtion Stamford, CT
Lighttools Egg crates Canada
Litegear LED Sun Valley, CA
Litepanels LED Van Nuys, CA
Littlefuse (Shock Block) GFCI Chicago, IL
Lowel Tungsten Hauppauge, NY
LRX Moving tungsten lights Sun Valley, CA
LTM Tungsten, HMI Sun Valley, CA
Luminys Systems Lightning Strikes, Softsun Hollywood, CA
Martin LED, moving lights, consoles, media servers Denmark
Marinco Connectors Milwaukee, WI
Matthews Studio Equipment Stands Burbank, CA
Mole-Richardson Tungsten, HMI, fluorescent, LED, distribution Hollywood, CA
Monster Lighting Tungsten North Hollywood, CA
Nila LED Altadena, CA
Photon Beard Tungsten, fluorescent United Kingdom
Power Gems HMI ballasts Van Nuys, CA
PRG (Production Resource Group) LED, moving lights, consoles, media servers Van Nuys, CA
Rosco LED, gels Stamford, CT
Royal Shakespeare Company RSC Lightlock United Kingdom
SMS Connectors  Electrical conncectors West Frankfort, IL
Strand Lighting (Philips Entertainment) Tungsten, CST, dimmers, consoles The Netherlands
Studio Carts Carts Sun Valley, CA
Visio Light Tungsten, fluorescent, LED Taiwan
Vitec Group (Avenger, Formatt, Manfrotto) Stands, gels United Kingdom
Yellow Jacket Cable crossovers United Kingdom



IATSE, Local 728

Studio Electrical Lighting Technicians

1001 W. Magnolia Blvd.

Burbank, CA 91506

(818) 954-0728


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