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IATSE Local 728 Application For The Position Of Safety & Training Director

The application period for the position of Local 728 Safety & Training Director is now open. Applications will be accepted until December 2, 2016.
As approved by the Membership on September 17, 2016, here are the rules that govern the application process, a description of the job and the salary of the position:
Motion for S&T Director Position.pdf 

L.A. County Federation of Labor Report 10-17-16

Los Angeles County Federation of Labor- 10-17-2016
Rev Francisco Garcia gave the invocation. New members were sworn in.
CNA (nurses) has a strike sanction to picket Antelope Valley Hospital.
JJJ, HHH, Prop55, Measure M, Hillary Clinton, and Janice Hahn and Katherine
Barger are on the Fed list for this election.
Rusty Hicks reported on the stakes in the election. He wants issues first and
candidates second. Good jobs for families. Rusty asked - who do you want to
choose the new Supreme Court? He spoke about the need to make trips and


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Local 728 Bulletin

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