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Nurses Urge Rejection of The "Mortal Threat" Of House Health Bill As CA Medicare For All Advances

A hundred National Nurses United RN's were on Capitol Hill Wednesday urging the Senate to reject the "mortal threat" of the House health care bill. The nurses say the House Republican health insurance bill is “a mortal threat to the health and well-being of our patients, and to the health security of our country.”

Largest U.S. Nurses Unions Says AHCA Is 'Cruel And Unusual Punishment' For Millions of Americans

The nation’s largest nurses’ union has condemned the passage of the American Health Care Act by  House Republicans as “cruel and unusual punishment” for millions of Americans.  Following the vote National Nurses United issued a statement saying the bill to overturn the Affordable Care Act, popularly known as Obamacare, would deprive tens of millions of Americans of their health coverage and threaten millions more with bankruptcy. 

Brazilian Unions: Anti-Austerity General Strike Was 'Just The Beginning'

Labor unions in Brazil have promised that the general strike that mobilized 35 million workers and paralyzed much of the country at the end of April “was just the beginning” of their fight against anti-worker reforms promoted by the government of wildly unpopular President Michel Temer.  The unions are planning actions this week in all 27 of Brazil’s states, and will march on the nation’s capital of Brasilia next week to put pressure on politicians.  The proposed austerity


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