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Notice of passing: Yasha Sklansky on May16th, 2024

I regret having to inform the membership of the passing of Yasha Sklansky age 95 on May 16th 2024. Until this year, Brother Sklansky was the only Local 728 member who held an IATSE Retiree Gold Card. Yasha joined Local 728 on July 15th, 1978 and remained in membership until his passing, a 46-year membership.

Yasha was born in the former Soviet Union and graduated from the Moscow Film School with a degree in cinematography. He emigrated to the United States in 1974. He frequently worked as a Director of Photography on several notable films.

Notice of passing: David Pondella on April 19th, 2024

I regret having to inform the membership of the passing of David “Dave” Pondella on April19, 2024 at age 84. Brother Pondella became the head of Set Lighting at Paramount Studios before moving on to becoming a studio back-lot vice-president at Lorimar Studios (today’s Sony Pictures Studio and previously MGM). Upon returning to active membership Dave returned to Paramount where he became a studio ACLT before eventually retiring in 2006.

Notice of member passing: George "Geordie" MacDonald on 5-26-24

George "Geordie" MacDonald passed away on 5-26-24. He was 84 years of age. Brother MacDonald was a 32 year member of Local 728 after having spent the bulk of his career as a member of NABET from 1958-1992 when that union merged with IATSE. "Geordie" worked mostly as a commercial gaffer and in later years as his DP's retired or moved on, he worked as a balloon tech in the early days of that technical field. 


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