They’re at it again.


The brand new California State law that defines who can be employed as a sub-contractor and who must be paid as an company employee is still under judicial challenge, yet the greedy corporations funding those legal challenges are not waiting for a court based legal outcome.

Uber, Lyft & Door Dash are determined to remove themselves from compliance with this law by any means necessary.

They have teamed up to qualify an initiative for the November ballot called the “California App-Based Drivers Regulation Initiative.”

These 3 companies have funded their drive to get this on the November ballot with $90 million.

They want voters to believe that when we engage in a business transaction using a mobile app, it’s just a transaction with a tech company whose primary business model is tech, therefore drivers who work for them are not employees engaged in work that falls under their primary business model and thus can be sub-contracted.

This would allow these companies to dodge labor regulations & protections and taxes.

This would also open the door towards any employer in any business redefining themselves as a “tech company” and using sub-contracted labor.

The threat to unions is immense.

So far, these greedy, disingenuous, corporations have amassed 25% of the signatures they need to qualify this deception for the November ballot.

Stay tuned.



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