[In Person] Vectorworks for CLTs, CRTs, and Creative Planning

Vectorworks for CLTs

This course is designed to support the creative process using both paid and free Vectorworks tools and is intended for both artistic creativity and the creative planning of complex rigs and fixture layouts. This is not a class in technical drawing and enhances communication between the creative and technical aspects of our craft. It does not replace the work of, or the need for, the Lighting Plot Draftsperson. No experience is necessary and this course will benefit members with any level of CAD experience.

This is not an ordinary class, It is eclectic and will teach many things the Vectorworks tools can do and how to make them work within your creative skill set. Some of the topics we will explore in this class include:  navigating and viewing existing drawings, creating your own drawings, developing your own projects/creative ideas, designing 3D widgets, and using existing resources in our work environment such as from the Art, VFX, Location and Construction Departments. The ultimate goal of this class is to use Vectorworks as a way to mesh this information together to develop a better picture of the whole, how to light it, and how to communicate that vision.

Some things you should know:

• This is a four day class. The class meets everyday except Wednesday which is an optional open lab day for any member who has taken this class to attend. Any adjustments to this schedule will be noted in the Additional Notes below.

• This is not a technical drawing class, it is about creativity and communication. This class is intended to support the work of the Lighting Plot Draftsperson resulting in better communication with the rest of the production.

• This is a Local 728 sponsored class, so there is no Safety Pass pre-requisite and the requirement for being current with your dues has been waived.

• A computer capable of running Vectorworks 2023 is required. A training version of the Vectorworks 2023 Software is available from Local 728.

• A lottery, if necessary, will be held. Please see the additional notes below for more details.

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