[Online] The Role of the Lighting Draftsperson

This is a lecture and discussion based class focused on enhancing the understanding of the role of the Lighting Draftsperson.  The role is evolving and its continued usage and expansion offers significant benefits both within the lighting department and to productions as a whole.  This class will provide an overview of how the integration of the Lighting Draftsperson role facilitates the accomplishment of a show's creative vision through:

  1. Enhancing the communication of logistical information between departments,
  2. Enhancing the problem-solving processes between multiple departments,
  3. Supporting the efficient installation and operation of a complete lighting rig, and
  4. Providing deliverables that help to support a cooperative relationship with production. 

This class will also address areas of caution when performing this role, including working within the hierarchy, facility interdepartmental questions, and keeping the focus on supporting (ie not directing).  This class is for anyone who would like to better understand the utility of the role and the requirements for this role to be performed optimally.  CLTs, CRTs, and ACLTs taking this class would gain an idea of skill sets to look for and reasonable expectations when hiring for this role.


  • This is a Local 728 sponsored class, so there are no Safety Pass requirements.
  • There will be a walk away lunch for this class. Please bring lunch with you or be prepared to go out.
  • There are no technology or pre-requisite knowledge of experience required for this class.
  • This is not a hands-on class. If you are looking for hands-on instruction, please sign up for the "Working as a Lighting Plot Draftsperson" class.
  • A lottery may be required for this class, please see the Additional Information section for more details.



Class Date: 

Monday, September 25, 2023 - 4:00pm to 7:00pm



Additional Information: 

The date, time, format, and capacity of this class has changed. The class will now be held online on Monday night and we are opening the class up to 100 people.
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