[In Person] Electricity 101

This class which will cover the basics of Electrical Theory for the Set Lighting Technician. We will cover conductors, insulators, electromagnetism, AC & DC power generation, transformers, parallel; series circuits, overcurrent protection, Ohm's Law, and more. This knowledge will give you the ability to understand how electricity works on a deeper level. This will make you more efficient on set and sets the groundwork for the advanced electrical knowledge which you need to make electricity work for you. This class features hands-on work with low voltage electrical kits and is followed up by the Electrical Power Lab class which will demonstrate these principles on a much larger scale using our equipment and power sources.

• This CSATTF-funded class requires that you have completed all of your SAFETY PASS classes.
• All signups are PENDING until eligibility status is confirmed with CSATTF/Safety Pass and Local 728.
• You must not have taken this class within the past two years, including online classes funded by CSATTF.
• This is an entry-level class on electrical theory and application.
• Seating for this class is limited.

A LOTTERY, if necessary, will be held to determine placement in the class. Please check the Additional Information field for details concerning a lottery.

This class covers topics that are listed on the Body of Knowledge for the ETCP Electrical Certifications.


Class Date: 

Saturday, April 27, 2024 - 9:30am to 4:00pm



Additional Information: 

Sign-ups for this class will open on Saturday, April 13, 2024 at 9:00AM and a LOTTERY being held on April 15, 2024 if necessary. All members who have signed-up for the lottery will be notified and those whose names are not drawn for the class will be placed on the Waiting List in order of the drawing.
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