Notice of passing: Curtiss Bradford on July 1st, 2024

I greatly regret having to inform the membership of the passing of Curtiss Bradford on July 1st at the age of 72. Brother Bradford was a 31-year-member of Local 728, swearing into membership in October 1992. His career as a lighting technician goes back much further than that. Curtiss was a long-time Gaffer. His CLT credits include; Rugrats, Switched at Birth, Independence Day, Dante’s Peak, Wild at Heart, Mall Cop, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, New Girl, Friends with Benefits and many, many more. In recent years, after his DP’s left the industry, Curtiss made the switch from CLT back to first unit ELT where his gaffers valued his experience, easy-going nature and the stories he shared about our industry and life. Curtiss retired from the shop floor in January of 2020 at age 68.



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