9-10-2020 IATSE Disaster Response Committee

Sisters, Brothers, and Kin —

With wildfires ravaging the West Coast during a global pandemic, we wanted to check in with you and offer help for those affected as we can. Have you been affected or displaced by the fires?

If so, financial relief is available for IATSE members impacted by the Wildfires in Oregon, California, and Washington State, through the Walsh/Di Tolla/Spivak Foundation.

Additionally, the American Red Cross is responding to the wildfires, and they may be able to help by providing shelter, meals, relief supplies, and even medical care. Click here to visit the Red Cross' Wildfire Relief Website.

Regardless of how close you are to an active wildfire, it’s never a bad time to prepare for the worst. IF YOU ARE UNDER A WILDFIRE WARNING, GET TO SAFETY RIGHT AWAY. We encourage you to listen for emergency information and alerts, use N95 masks to keep particles out of the air you breathe, leave if told to do so, and if trapped, call 911. Click here to visit ready.gov for more wildfire safety and preparation tips.

Finally, if you know a member of our IATSE family who has been personally affected by this crisis, please respond to this email with their information so reach out to them and coordinate with their Local Union.

Please stay safe in this extremely difficult time.

In solidarity,

The IATSE Disaster Response Committee



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