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Hello and thank you for reading this! 

My name is Mark Hartman. I'm a 47 year old single father living in Southern California. 

On September 1st of this year I lost my home and personal belongings to a fire. At 1am I was woken up by the fire alarms in my apartment building.  A neighbor had been doing something on their balcony and caught their apartment on fire. It quickly spread to the rest of the building and consumed the top floors including my home of 8 years.

Fortunately my son was sleeping over at his moms that night and I managed to get out with my dog and a pair of shoes.

My renters insurance covered about half of my items lost and the rest is on me.

I'm a working guy who loves his family and wants to finally have a little house with a garage for my son and I to work in.

I loved my apartment but it was the place I moved into right after my divorce 8 years ago and I dont want to go back to the apartment life.

I had been saving up for a down payment on a house but as you can imagine this event has set me back a bit.

I'm now living with my ex-wife and her boyfriend whom are awesome, awesome people and I appreciate their help so much, but it is not ideal.

The plan right now  is to stay through the holidays then, hopefully when I have the down payment, find a home to make our own.

I've never reached out to anyone for this kind of help before, but I thought I would give it a try to see if it could work.

Even if it doesnt work out I appreciate you taking the time to read this. 

The only thing I really know for sure is that what matters in this world is our health and our loved ones, everything else is really just a bunch of stuff. 

Thanks everyone, God bless.



Fire directly on top of my apartment.

Dining room

Logan in his room practicing the bass.




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