5-29-2020 St. Joe's announces the resumption of surgical procedures

Since St Joseph’s Medical Center is frequently used by members using Anthem Blue Cross from MPIPHP, they send us updates to pass on. 

They want to share some important information that could be beneficial to our health and well being.

On April 22, 2020, Gov. Gavin Newsom lifted restrictions at hospitals, allowing surgical procedures to resume.

This was welcomed news to many members who have been unnecessarily living in pain or discomfort from issues that could be surgically treated but unable to have done. We can now reach out to our physicians to schedule surgery.

Knowing the restrictions were lifted, but COVID-19 is still in our communities, St Joseph’s Medical Center is working hard to ensure that our members, patients, hospital employees and physicians would all feel safe in the hospital.

Below are the important measures they have put in place, as the safety of all who enter St Joseph’s Medical Center doors is their number one priority:

•        Any person who enters their hospital must have their temperature taken, be free of any COVID-19 symptoms, and wear a surgical mask while inside. If             fever or symptoms are present, that member will be sent home. Patients must always wear a surgical mask  (some exceptions apply).

•        Pre surgical patients will have a separate entrance to the hospital for pre surgical screening appointment.  Members will not enter the main lobby.

•        Surgical patients will be given a COVID-19 test before their procedure. If positive, the surgery will be rescheduled to a later date.

•        Surgical or medical patients will be kept isolated and separated from our dedicated COVID-19 units, which are in a separate building.

•        COVID-19 patients are quarantined in a separate restricted tower in the hospital, with rooms that have negative airflow pressure. Their caregivers follow

 the strictest precautions, using appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).     

•        Non-essential personnel and visitors are not permitted in the hospital. There are some special exceptions to the visitor policy.

•        Every area of the hospital has a hand‐sanitizer station.

•        The Providence system has a clinical focus group to discuss all aspects of perioperative safety, with more than 400 physicians and caregivers attending a    teleconference to receive important safety updates from their sister hospitals across the country.  

St. Joseph’s Medical Center understand the fear that surrounds COVID-19 but want us to know that all Providence hospitals have been vigilant about the safety of their caregivers and patients.





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