5-13-2020 We All Play Our Part: A Benefit For MPTF

As long as there was a Local 728, we have always supported the Motion Picture Television Fund. 

In 1921, Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, D.W. Griffith and Douglass Fairbanks knew that Entertainment Industry workers only worked day-to-day, no pensions, no social security benefits to retire on. 

Starting with a simple coin box, passers by tossed in spare change. 

As the industry grew, so did the need and donations flowed in through Payroll Pledges.   

The seeds of helping our fellow entertainment workers were started. 

In 1940, the Motion Picture Relief Fund (MPRF) moved to the Country House and Hospital in Woodland Hills.

Now nearly 100 years old, The Motion Picture Television Fund continues to be a success to our Industry, providing comprehensive social services, healthcare and retirement living.

We are proud to support MPTF, to be on many committees that supports them and proud that our Local’s number one charitable contribution is to MPTF. 

On Friday, May 15, “We All Play Our Part - A benefit for MPTF" will be broadcast on YouTube.

The event is in support of the MPTF COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund. 

Don’t miss this special salute to Hollywood and the people who work behind-the-scenes to make it all come to life. Funds raised provide support to those in our Industry during this difficult time. 

Hosted by Yvette Nicole Brown and Tom Bergeron. 

Watch it live on the 15th at youtube.com/mptf.




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