Richard Rasmussen

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I have been blessed that a few very intelligent people have taken me under their wings since I started with 728 in 2003. The first was Rigging Gaffer Gary Dahlquist. I rigged /Dimmer Teched for him on Lemony Snicket, State of Play, Alice in Wonderland and Transformers 3 to name a few. He is so knowable when it comes to anything to do with set lighting. Gary is a great teacher and I am forever grateful. Two other gentlemen that have taken me under there wings are Josh Thatcher and Scott Barnes. Over the past five years they have hired me to dimmer tech, program their second units or cover them on first unit. This was the best education any programmer could ever hope for and I am also forever grateful for their education and friendships. In the last few years I have become involved in the 728 training program, represented 728 on panels at LDI and programmed features such as Argo, Django Unchained, Super 8, Pirates of the Caribbean - On Stranger Tide, Hunger Games 2, Larry Crown, Green Hornet, The Amazing Spiderman and many commercials and music video. Including Justin Beibers latest music video...yeah The Bieb!!! I want to thanks Alan Rowe and all the 728 members/instructors that make the training program possible. If anyone ever has any question feel free to email or call me.
Not an ETCP Recognized Trainer


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