Michael Amorelli

Mike AMorelli

Instructor Bio: 

Mike Amorelli worked in the motion picture/television Industry for approximately 42 years. Mike started in 1974, at Paramount Studios on their Rigging Crew. The first show Mike was the Rigging Gaffer on was the television series Little House on the Prairie, working for the Gaffer George Lasher. The first feature Mike worked on was Looking for Mr. Gooodbar in 1977 The Gaffer was Doug Pentek. Mike has worked on features big and small mostly as a Rigging Gaffer sometimes as an Assistant Chief Lighting Tech. Mike worked for the Contract Services during the early days of the Safety Pass Program as an Instructor. Along with partner Hugo Cortina, Mike started AC Power Distribution. This work helped change the way the power was distributed for the Industry, making it much safer and efficient. I am now retired, and am an instructor for Local 728 part time.
ETCP Certified Instructor
ETCP Recognized Trainer


IATSE, Local 728

Studio Electrical Lighting Technicians

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