David Meyers

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David Meyers began his film career in Minneapolis MN in the early 1980s. Beginning as a video assist operator for Commercials and Industrials, he soon gravitated toward Lighting, honing skills he had developed while working in Children's Theatre in High school and College. He spent most of the 1990’s working on many Hollywood productions that came through the TwinCities including: Old Explorers, Equinox, Ironwill, Feeling Minnesota, Mall Rats and all 3 Mighty Ducks among others. Dave was a regular at Paisley Park working as a Rigging Gaffer and Gaffer on Prince projects, commercials and features. He moved to Hollywood permanently in 2001 to work as a Gaffer on Missing Brendan from a contact on Mallrats. Joining 728 in 2002 he began working as a Best Boy and Rigging Gaffer at Warner Brothers. He continued working as a dimmer tech and moving light tech on studio sets landing an 11 year gig as WB best boy and dimmer/ML tech on Conan. During this time he got into LEDs making various rigs for guest bands appearing on the Conan show as well as touring pieces for bands internationally including The 1975, Goo Goo Dolls, Weezer, Savage 21 and SZA to name a few. David’s work as an LED tech and Systems Designer can be seen in Shop jobs from Centerline, Warner Design, Perspective designs, and Goodnight & Company. Shows include: Conan, Ellen, Kelly Clarkson,The Talk, Worlds Best and American Idol as well as live pieces that represent CGI sets from films such as Aquaman, Fantastic Beasts, and many others as Museum pieces for Warner Tours Signage is also a big part of his work in LED creating the LED lighting Logos on the following: Kelly Clarkson, Hot Ones, So You Think You Can Dance. He also designed and built the lighting on the Iconic Shield on Warner Brothers Stage 16. David has a particular interest in Mappable LED’s using E1.31/Artnet controllers as far back as 2012. Projects include Ellen’s Game of Game Maze, American Idol Hollywood week, The Chase and Dominoes. David believes that knowledge is power and enjoys sharing his with our members as we continue to learn new things. Our part of the industry is changing daily. It’s an exciting time in the Lighting and Electronics industry. It’s great to be a part of it!
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