Trans Inclusivity for the Entertainment Industry

Class Description: 

The issues of trans-gender and non-binary persons are not familiar to most of us. It is imperative that we do what we can to understand these issues so we can adequately support these people who work and live along side of us.

The Executive Board and Membership of IATSE Local 728 are proud to partner with GLAAD Media Institute to provide the first Trans Inclusivity Training for the Motion Picture/Television industry. These 90 minutes sessions are specifically designed to support our transgender co-workers in the entertainment industry.

This presentation fits perfectly with the resolution Local 728 recently proposed and was unanimously passed by District 2 of the IATSE at their 2018 Convention. This resolution encourages IATSE members to “attend Trans Inclusivity Trainings so that they may be sensitive and aware of their Union brothers and sisters, some of whom are transgender, and those Union SIBLINGS who are exploring their gender identity, or whose gender identity is non-binary.”


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