Training Classes in July

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With the Motion Picture/Television Industry ramping back up (please make sure everyone you know wears their masks so we can all get back to work) we are going to slow down the pace of Skills Training Classes in July. We will continue to have Working/Focus Group meetings for as long as the groups want meet and the Weekly Wrap up will continue at least until the industry is in full swing and possibly longer. We will be using this time to catch up on the hundreds of training sessions that have taken place since this crisis started in March and build some new infrastructure for both future online and in person training. We will also continue our ETCP Study Group to prepare members for taking the Certification Exams and focus on our revision of Article 530 of the National Electrical Code.

Our weekly GUIDED MEDITATION with member Timothy Ryan on every Sunday Evening is now a part of our permanent schedule. Many members, self included, have found this session to be very helpful in dealing with all of the stress and uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 crisis. Please join us on Sunday evenings.

Please be careful and do everything you can to encourage those around you to take the pandemic seriously. Wear your masks and wash you hands. We will make it through this crisis together and it will be much faster if everyone does their part to curb the spread of the disease.


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