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Class Description: 

This class focuses on advanced skills working in the 3D Vectorworks environment, focusing on understanding and practicing control and management of the subtleties of working planes. Every object created within the Vectorworks Spotlight 3D environment has a relationship to a working plane. Possessing an intuitive understanding of this world of planes will allow you to quickly navigate and model simple to complex 3D forms with ease. Moving beyond the ability to push/pull and extrude planar objects, Vectorworks has the robust capability to create curved, sweeping, tapering, bulging, flowing, pinching, and many other organic formulations. This class will give you the skills to further your move into the 3D environment and create better and more efficient drawings for your gaffer and production.

PLEASE READ: This is an ADVANCED CLASS and it is up to to you to determine your ability to benefit from these sessions. Please honestly consider your abilities and if you are not ready to enter the 3D Vectorworks environment, please allow other members are ready to take the class. Thank you.

Skills Taught: 

    • Lighting
      • Lighting Draftsperson

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IATSE, Local 728
Studio Electrical Lighting Technicians
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