[Online] Multiverse Wireless DMX Day 2 - Operation and Set Up by City Theatrical

Class Description: 

This two-part class is being provided for Local 728 members by City Theatrical. The Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM  system can broadcast as many as 10 universes of DMX data from a single transmitter, while producing less radio energy than present-day single universe systems. It has been used on a number of Local 728 shows and its scalability is making it attractive for many productions. You can read more about Multiverse at https://www.citytheatrical.com/multiverse

Day Two:  Operation

  • Setting up Multiverse SHoW Baby
  • Setting up Multiverse Node
  • Setting up Multiverse Studio (battery operated use)
  • Setting up Multiverse Vero (permanent outdoor use)
  • Creating a radio broadcast strategy for a production
  • Setting up a complex nine universe system using Multiverse Transmitter
  • Controlling wireless DMX and RDM with DMXcat
  • Wireless dimming for props and costumes (QolorFLEX Multiverse Dimmers)
  • Multiverse Receiver Card

It is strongly recommended to attend both days but not a requirement if you are experienced with the topics on Day One.

For ETCP Certified Technicians, this course will count double towards recertification.

Skills Taught: 

    • Lighting
      • Data Control Systems Technician
        • Wireless Data Systems Technician

Prerequisite Class(es): 

Training Category: 


IATSE, Local 728

Studio Electrical Lighting Technicians

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