[Online] Lean Manufacturing as it applies to Set Lighting

Class Description: 

Lean Manufacturing, also known as the Toyota Production system, was developed by Toyota to make cars faster, cheaper, and with less defects. They put their faith in their employees and gave them the ability to change things from the bottom up to make this happen. Since its inception people have taken Lean Manufacturing and applied it to everything from hospitals, farming, construction, and more. The core idea of it is centered around continuous improvement and creating a culture where people are excited to fix what bugs them at work.

This class will give you an overview of what Lean is and how we could apply it to Set Lighting.

Some topics we’ll cover:

⁃The 8 Wastes

⁃Spreading a Culture of Continuous Improvement

⁃How to decide if something is an improvement

⁃Root Cause Analysis or the 5 Whys

⁃The 5S process

⁃Mistake Proofing your Process

⁃Batch Work Vs. One Piece Flow

Skills Taught: 

    • Lighting
      • Misc. Skills

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