Negotiations Skills Seminar with Scotwork USA

Class Description: 

Article 5 of the Basic Agreement and Article XIII of the Pay TV Agreements (Better Conditions) give us the right to negotiate for higher wages and better conditions than the minimum established in the contract. The skills taught in this seminar, and our subsequent trainings, will help you develop the tools to improve your position when it comes to working with Production. Negotiation skills go far beyond rates and box rentals and includes areas such as expendable budgets, additional crew, equipment, scheduling as well as improving turnaround and meal breaks. These skills are also useful in your personal life, though caution is advised if you try to negotiate with your children or pets.
Every time we need something from Production or they want something from us, it gives us an opportunity to use the skills of negotiation. 
This 90 minute seminar is designed for members, such as Department Heads or Assistant Department Heads, whose work requires them to directly deal with budget, scheduling, equipment, and/or personnel.

Skills Taught: 

    • Lighting
      • Assistant Chief Lighting Technician
      • Assistant Chief Rigging Technician
      • Chief Lighting Technician
      • Chief Rigging Technician
      • Data Control Systems Technician
      • Fixtures
        • Chief Fixtures Technician
      • Lighting Console Programmers
      • Lighting Draftsperson

Training Category: 


IATSE, Local 728

Studio Electrical Lighting Technicians

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Burbank, CA 91506

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