Control Protocols Suite (4-Days)

Class Description: 

There are two ways to sign up for our Control Protocols Classes. If you wish to signup for all 4 classes, please sign up for the Control Protocols Suite. If you only want to sign up for some, but not all of the classes then sign up for each individual class.

The classes included in the Control Protocol Suite are: DMX Networking 101A; Ethernet Protocols 101; Networking for Riggers/Ethernet for Lighting Control (Lab); Streaming ACN/ArtNet (Lab). The DMX Networking 101 and Ethernet Protocols 101A (or instructor approval) are required for the lab classes. If you are placed on the waiting list for the 4-Day class, please feel free to sign up for the individual DMX and Ethernet 101 classes. If you would like to know where you are on the list so you can plan appropriately, please let me know.

Skills Taught: 

    • Lighting
      • Chief Rigging Technician
      • Data Control Systems Technician
        • Ethernet Protocols Technician
        • ArtNet
        • sACN
        • RDM
      • Fixtures
      • LED Lighting Fixtures
        • LED Lighting Fixtures Rigging

Prerequisite Class(es): 

Training Category: 


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