Eagle Eye

Note #1: This is the rig I concocted for Eagle Eye. There were several "Events" that had to occur in the tunnel aka Lower Grand that could not be shot there so we shot them on the tarmac at the old Tustin Airbase. We had to recreate what we were doing overhead on Lower Grand which was image 80's at 8' centers the length of Lower Grand. I asked the Director and Special Effects Supervisor how many feet we really needed to light for the events, they figured 300'. Then we had to figure out how to light events happening back to back on the same night opposite of each other. I thought for a while and came up with 3 70 ton cranes, 3 100' lengths of box truss and 48 Image 80's. Everyone liked the plan and on the way out of the meeting the DP says to me, "This Better Work". It did flawlessly!

Note #2: This was the Fireball rig for Eagle Eye when the missile from the Raptor entered the tunnel which was shot on lower Grand. December 2007.

Note #3: This is the rig on Lower Grand for Eagle Eye. I can not remember how many image 80's we hung or how many 4' single tubes are on either wall. Lower Grand is about a quarter mile, so it was a lot of fixtures!


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