Worker Action Leads To Firing Of Abusive Manager At Virginia Target Store

Collective worker action has led to a victory for nonunionized workers at a Target store in Christianburg, Virginia.  After years of trying to have General Manager Daniel Butler removed through official channels for sexual harassment and racist remarks, a small group of workers mounted a five day strike at the end of August, presenting testimony to the corporation and the public to hold him accountable.  On Friday, they received word that Butler has been fired.

Adam, a Target worker and member of the Independent Workers Committee at the store, says this doesn’t end with Butler, as they are still fighting for improved working conditions such as a living wage and health coverage:

[Adam]: “We wanted to show through this to the other co-workers that you can exercise your labor rights, you can go on strike, and still retain your job and not get fired.  In the lead-up to this we talked to workers a lot, trying to get them more involved and a lot of the common response was just this fear that they would get fired if they participated in this.  Concerted activity is protected whether you’re in a union or not.  To take collective action around given issues, we don’t need an official recognition.  I think we showed, even with very small amount of numbers, you can actually have a significant impact if you’re well organized and have a good strategy.”



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