VW Must Respond To New Chattanooga Labor Law Violation Charge By May

VW has until May 24th to respond to a new NLRB labor law violations charge. VW already was charged for refusing to recognize and bargain with UAW Local 42 at the VW Chattanooga Tennessee plant.

The latest National Labor Relations Board unfair labor practice charge is for increasing health insurance premiums and changing work hours without bargaining with the UAW over those changes.

Pro-union VW workers in Chattanooga have waged an organizing campaign for years. The UAW is supported by the German IG Metall union and by the global labor federation IndustriALL.

Steve Cochran is President of UAW Local 42.

 "Production workers themselves, they're wore out, they're beat down pretty bad. Some of them are working 60, 70 hours every week."

VW Chattanooga worker Annette Stallion backs the UAW because she's tired of the punishing shift schedule and the toll it takes on her life.

 "The rotating schedule as well as just the fast pace of the job - I feel it. When I get off at the end of shift it's all I can do to make it to my car.

And then once I get home I can't go right to sleep because I have to wind down or try to take something to help alleviate the pain so that I can go to sleep. Yeah, it takes a toll on your body."

The UAW says VW is violating its own global principles by treating its U.S. workers differently from its unionized European workforce.




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