Students 'Hungry For Justice' Fast, Urge Boycott Of Wendy's

College students are spreading a fast for justice aimed at the Wendy’s fast food chain. Sarasota Florida New College students went on a five day fast in solidarity with fasting Ohio State students urging a boycott against Wendy’s.

The fasting students support the Coalition of Immokalee Workers efforts to get Wendy’s to join the Fair Food Program. That program gets restaurants to pay farms a penny more per pound for tomatoes used in the U.S. fast food industry. The money is used to improve farm workers working conditions.

Fasting New College student Alex Schelle told the Suncoast News Network that wages and much more are improved by that extra penny per pound.

“$23 million dollars in wages - which is just a penny more per pound . But over the years it really made a huge difference to farmworkers.

When growers agree to the Fair Food Program they’re agreeing to give their workers shade, water, the ability to clock in and clock out as well as a zero-tolerance policy for sexual harassment or forced labor.”

Students at Ohio State, University of Michigan and New College in Florida want Wendy’s removed from their campuses unless it agrees to join the Fair Food Program. More college students are expected to join the rolling national fasts protesting Wendy’s.



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