STILL ON STRIKE - "True To The Game" 2-11-16

We have heard that a low budget show, "True to the Game" wishes to shoot from 2/15-2/24. They have been told that no IA members should work on this project until all wages and benefits have been paid for work already rendered from a previous crew. For members who have worked on the project, or have been contacted for any supposed future work, please let them know we will strike if they attempt to shoot and they should not render services to this company. Please ask them to tell the producer that they are unable to work for them until Local 728 says it's OK, and if the producer has any issues, they can reach out to me.
This morning, IA legal counsel sent over a letter detailing that we are on strike until all wages and benefits have been paid.
Manny, the producer, wants to use the deposit to pay for what he thinks is the correct calculation for benefits. We will not use the deposit to pay for benefits as that would utilize almost all of the deposit. He is well aware, and has been for months, that the deposit will be returned when all crew have been made whole.
After an information request, The IA received this week a stack of payroll records for each week of shooting, along with a breakdown by employee for hours worked, including overtime calculations and photocopies of timecards and checks. We have a step 2 grievance scheduled for Feb. 24th. If you have outstanding issues, I need you to send me the specifics at least a week prior.
If any of the crew are still owed wages or box rentals, please email Manny Halley the details and cc me. I would recommend requiring payment by certified or cashier's checks, as personal checks have a strange habit of bouncing from this production.


Patric J. Abaravich
Business Representative/Secretary
IATSE Local 728



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