SC Boeing Workers Vote Against IAM Representation

South Carolina Boeing workers voted against IAM union repr esentation Wednesday. A strong anti-union campaign was waged by Boeing in the most union-hostile state in America.

The IAM says it will stay in touch with South Carolina Boeing workers. There's a one year wait before another election could be scheduled.

IAM organizer Mike Evans siad “We’re disappointed the workers at Boeing South Carolina will not yet have the opportunity to see all the benefits that come with union representation. But more than anything, we are disheartened they will have to continue to work under a system that suppresses wages, fosters inconsistency and awards only a chosen few."

The IAM says Boeing workers "endured a multi-faceted anti-union campaign, which included captive-audience meetings and massive TV, radio and billboard ad buys."

The IAM says it remains committed to getting South Carolina Boeing workers the respect, wages and consistency they deserve.



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