Naked GOP Power Grab Takes Away Rights of 184,000 Iowa Working Families


[Ken Sagar]: “It’s a bad law and it’s a bad deal for Iowans. And it’s clearly a naked power grab on the part of the Koch brothers and the Republican legislature.”

Ken Sagar, President of the AFL-CIO’s Iowa Federation of Labor.

Public sector unions in Iowa must start a re-certification election process required by an anti-worker law passed by Republicans controlling Iowa’s state legislature.

Public unions must vote every two years to keep unions certified – and the unions must win 50 percent plus one of all union members, not just those who turn out to vote. That’s a standard higher than elected officials have to meet.

Sagar says it’s not just an attack on unions, but on democracy itself. And lots of Iowans aren’t happy about it as the unions mobilize to deal with this partisan law designed to attack unions and the Democratic Party in Iowa.

[Ken Sagar]: “A lot of people are energized and frankly angry about the rights being taken away. And 184,000 working families in this state were attacked in this legislative effort to destroy the trade union movement.”



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