L.A. County Fed House of Labor July 2018

Los Angeles County Federation House Of Labor meeting July 2018

Presentation on a study of workers in the “gig economy”. Drivers for Lyft and Uber are ready for union organizing.
Nearly half drive full time.
The fifth group of Ex-convicts has begun the Labor boot camp designed to train and place workers in the construction trade unions. 
President Rusty Hicks wore a Union Night at Dodger Stadium night t-shirt. Union night is August 31th.  Last year sold out. Buy your tickets early. They are going to emphasize the unions working on internal organizing in the face of Janus decision.
The Supreme Court delivered a blow to unions in the Janus decision. Unions are moving to make sure their members understand the value of being in the union. Janus decision says that public sector workers can stop paying union dues and still have all the benefits. The goal is to cause the collapse of unions from lack of funds. The Fed has been fielding calls about people who want to join a union. Nevada union membership grew after right to work passed. 
There will be Sept 8 and 15 call steward training at LA Trade Tech. Right to work passed in Missouri in 2017 and a August 7 referendum will attempt to overturn right to work. The Fed is sending a crew to Missouri to help the unions fight back. July 27-31. Call the Fed to help. 
Rusty Hicks reported on 4 areas of the strategic plan 2020 progress.
1. Organizing- now a 3-person department. They trained 223 union organizers so far. 1,334 people have joined a union. They are working on organizing the South East cities.
2. Labor/community partnership they are working with the Miguel Contreras Foundation to train 75 second chances and are working on immigrant empowerment via support for unions. Powered by immigrants has secured $5 million for resources, training on dealing with immigration enforcement in the workplace. Labor and community services collected 2 million pounds of food in the postal carrier drive that will feed 44oK people. The resiliency Campaign is working with the Red Cross and the city on Disaster preparedness.
3. Politics they are training 95 union members to run for office. They are working to defeat anti-labor congressman Steve Knight. The COPE Board is holding politicians accountable for their votes. The Fed won in Long Beach elections. Senate District 22 got Mike Eng into the runoff. 
They have a collecting runoff water initiative that will create union jobs and working on proposals to protect hotel housekeepers.
4. Stability. There are now 487,400 union members in LA County. The Fed has a 1.67 million reserve. They finished the research project on the facilities development but are waiting to see what impact Janus has. 
Gabriel Landeros, press secretary of the Fed, is leaving to work for councilwoman Nury Martinez in the Van Nuys area. 
3,600 people have turned out to 4 fed events. 
The Fed is charting how much progress they are making toward their goals. Next is a new 3 year plan they will kick off developing next year. They spoke about their fundraising events.  They feed 1,000 families and give toys to 2,000 kids through Turkeys and Toys each year. They are going to try to get lump sum fundraising from the locals each year instead of individual event fundraising.  They want more unions involved. He described wanting a commitment to community. 
No August House of Labor meeting.
Local officials on the next ballot have been interviewed for their stance on labor issues. COPE endorsements are given to candidates based on their support for organized labor and its issues. The County Fed has interviewed candidates for upcoming elections for local offices in Municipalities, Judicial, and Supervisorial jobs and reviewed when possible their voting records on labor and labor issues. Those who they feel are friends of workers are given a COPE endorsement. For the list of endorsed candidates : http://launionaflcio.org/endorsement  
Www.labor411.com has a listing of union made goods and services.
The SOFA, Society of Financial Awareness offers free seminars on financial literacy and workshops to groups to educate the community.   info : [email protected]  http://www.sofausa.org
Labor studies classes on workplace safety, worker rights, collective bargaining and union messaging etc. available at LA Trade Tech. info at http:college.lattc.edu/laborcenter  or (213) 763-7129.  Scholarships for fall 2018 semester available. 
Www.BuyBlueforAmerica.org will help you find ways to make your spending support socially responsible companies. #buyblue. 

Reports of Organization
Farm workers got a new contract with full medical for the broccoli pickers. Ask for Andy Boy Broccoli. 
Mark Juarez spoke about CWA meeting August 5 in Newhall to get rid of Steve Knight and elect Katie Hill.
Vic Clemens of SOFA has 35 workshops on financial awareness they can do for us for free. 
SEIU 2015 is working to get a contract with the board of Supervisors. Medicare/Medicaid has started trying to charge people for benefits. They already only make 11.18 an hour. 
81 percent of AFSCME LOs Angeles are now dues paying members. They have trained a lot of new shop stewards. He urged unions not to take members for granted. 
Labor united for Universal Healthcare is meeting tomorrow at 6:30 pm at Glendale fire department at 421 Oakdale. There are 4 candidates running on statewide single payer candidates running for governor this year. 
Pest control union asked everyone to boycott Terminex Pest Control. Please cancel and tell them why.
Kevin DeLeon was endorsed over Nancy Pelosi by Dem committee. Simi Valley is running Dems for mayor and city council.

July 17 meeting on what unions can expect from Janus at the Fed. 
July 24 10 am. Congressional District 25 Planning meeting LA Fed boardroom info: [email protected]. 213 381 5911 x111
July 25 New Citizen swearing in
July 27 7-9pm Labor Network for Sustainability Reception. Climate Change meeting at Local 600 info: [email protected].  
July 28 9:30 am - 5:30 pm LA Convergence meeting on unions and the environment . Issues of climate change and workers.  [email protected]
August 3-5 3 day organizing trading at the Fed info: Claudia Magana 213 381 5611 x116. [email protected]
August 5 3-5pm get rid of Steve Knight meeting at 24458 Lyons Ave, Newhall. 
Wednesday August 15 10 am or 3pm LA Labor Leaders. County Fed Boardroom. RSVP [email protected]
​Thursday August 23 10 am Political Director meeting LA Fed boardroom RSVP:  Kokayi@the lafed.org
August 24 New Citizen swearing in Saturday August 25 noon-5pm Teamsters classic car and motorcycle show 6001 Worley Ave Van Nuys 91406.    www.ht399.org
Friday August 31, 7:10 pm Union Night at Dodger Stadium. You get a T-shirt if you go. Tickets www.dodgers.com/union     groups 323 224 1376. 
September 3 Labor Day parades.
Saturday September 29 2-8 pm Dinner/dance at Plaza La Raza 



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