July 2020 Central Labor Council delegate report

House of Labor/ County Fed meeting July 20.2020


Dr. Barbara Ferrer joined the meeting. She is the Director of Public Health for Los Angeles County. She said the pandemic is playing out on the backs of workers.  We are moving in the wrong direction and the last three weeks have had a startling increase in cases and deaths. Over 2,200 people are being hospitalized daily, which at some point will overwhelm the hospitals. We are currently running 20,000 tests a day. Testing in poverty areas is way up. People 18-40 are more than half of all cases. The rates of nonwhite infection are far higher in than whites, related to crowded living conditions and who is working as an essential worker.

The rate of death is 4x higher in areas of poverty relative to affluent areas.

The LA County health department has done 52 investigations over failure to follow the guidelines- which have the force of law. there is an issue of people going in sick because they need the paycheck. Grocery stores and wholesale food manufacturing are current employee hot spots. Issues with distancing in break rooms. 60 deaths among healthcare workers in Los Angeles, majority Filipino workers in assisted living facilities. There is still too few proper masks being used. The county has set up a direct partnership with the unions to get inspectors out to workplaces. They are trying to hire more inspectors. Now they know more, there is no excuse for not wearing a mask.

Call 888-700-9995 or e-mail.ph.lacounty.gov to report coronavirus health violations.

Brian Blum reported Uber/Lyft/Door Dash has a ballot initiative on the November ballot that would harm drivers. Prop 22 is the apps $110 million dollar attempt to guarantee the misclassification of drivers, the apps do not want to pay for their gas, mileage, minimum wage. Apps not paying for Disability, social security, unemployment benefits that drivers need is how these apps undercut worker pay to pocket more money. They are driving companies that treat workers well out of business. Vote NO on 22. It is written to confuse voters into thinking it is not what it seems. They need all union voters to vote NO on 22.

 Hugo Romero explained the voter process on Zoom. New representatives were sworn in. Minutes of the previous meeting and the executive board meeting were voted into the record.

The June financial report was read into the record. It was voted into the record.

Jesse from the Miguel Contreras Foundation has placed 85 second chance workers. They have distributed 7,000 N95 masks to labor partners. They had a clean 2019 audit. They hired a new director or worker education and legal counsel.

Armando Olivas of Labor Community Services, they have had 43 food distributions to over 200,000 people since June. They will continue in August. The LCS has rent assistance available to those who have not qualified for city and county assistance. He thanked all the volunteers who helped with the distributions.

Christian Castro communications director is working on many actions. They are working on a new website. They are helping the affiliates to set up digital meetings and digital governance.

Rob reported January 9 the Fed joined the launch of AB310, the Public Bank of California, to stop Wall Street from fleecing local governments for banking services. It is in the Assembly. The governor’s task force is monitoring that workers are in the corona proposals.  Tomorrow, Sheila Keuhl and Mark Ridley Thomas will be arguing for Public Health Councils in the workplace to monitor and report covid violations in the workplace. They will have outreach in non union workplaces. They are hearing about retaliation against workers and better protection for workers who are being spit on at work.

Rosemarie reported about an action at 9 am to get power to workers to enforce county health orders at the LA county board of supervisors. meet at 8 am at 1501 n. spring street downtown.

50 Amazon workers have COVID-19 and 1 has died.  AB3056 would give them the right to bathroom and hand washing time without being penalized.

Devon Osiri, political director reported 316 people are in the fed meeting. The election is in 106 days. They have Saturday Sept 12 training on how to help with the election. They are going to hire union friends and family to phone bank for the election.

Yes on 15 closes a prop 13 loophole. There will be a lot of work in Arizona for Biden. There will be new endorsements.

There will be webinars training on web security. August 3rd 7pm on Facebook live will have a seminar on prop 15, prop 13. The LA county census is still lagging seriously behind and will lose billions in funding. Nine grads of the civic leadership academy are running for office. COPE endorsement dates are available. Union locals need to send a letter to the fed recommending candidates for COPE interviews.

COPE Endorsements for the COPE board were voted on.

District Attorney Jackie Lacey’s endorsement will be voted on in August.  Ron Herrera spoke about the need for change in November. Prop 16, repeal of affirmative action is on the ballot.

Prop 22 would devastate unions. Tomorrow’s action on health safety at the county board of supervisors could change how labor functions in America. Ron says he is concerned about social distance at work. 300 garment workers in close quarters were infected in one warehouse. He wants a worker friendly president.

Reports of organizations

Cliff Smith, Roofers and water-proofers spoke about the sheriff officers shooting a 18 year old 5 times in the back. The Sheriff office is hiding the video.

Jason Swanson, La-Cla, advocates for Latinx workers, invites everyone to Wed Aug 12 6pm meeting on zoom 2138100365. text your name for an invite.  

Dante Harris, flight attendants, they marched for cares act. passenger level is at 20%. They are calling for extension of cares act terms and restrictions on stock buybacks.  

888 848 4824 to call your senator. Aviation payroll support is important to them. The airlines are demanding pay cuts and furloughs.

UWUA local 152 run/walk is at https://www.facebook.com/events/735198303984271/

Local 728 Vice-President Greg Reeves, also one of our  CLC delegates, reported that our Local voted to rescind Jackie Lacey’s endorsement.

Lack of PPE and lack of supplies reported by health care worker union. Private facilities are interfering with access. email



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