IATSE Local 728 Application For The Position Of Safety & Training Director

The application period for the position of Local 728 Safety & Training Director is now open. Applications will be accepted until December 2, 2016.
As approved by the Membership on September 17, 2016, here are the rules that govern the application process, a description of the job and the salary of the position:
Motion for S&T Director Position.pdf 

The application is downloadable here:
Safety Training App Final.pdf 

Or you can cut and paste from here:

IATSE Local 728 Application For The Position Of Safety & Training Director
Contact Phone:
The application process is comprised of three parts. Part 1 is this application sheet, which you may directly write on, or print-out separately and include attachments for additional pages. Part 2 will be an oral interview with members of the Safety & Training committee and the Executive Board. Part 3 will be a short written exam covering knowledge and skills deemed necessary as an instructor and training director.
1. Please list your Industry experience in relation to Local 728 Set Lighting work, and any other entertainment lighting jobs you feel are relevant. - you may attach a copy of your resume or a print out of your IMDb pages.
2. Certifications - i.e. ETCP electrical or Portable Power certification. Professional certifications.
3. Training received - This would be classes taken outside of the Safety Pass system and any Local 728 skills training classes you have taken.
4. What experience do you have as a Trainer? Please list dates and locations.
5. What experience do you have developing class curriculum? Please submit an example.
6. Creating budgets will be a significant part of organizing the Local 728 training classes. Please submit an example of a budget you created and maintained.
Page 2
7. Please list your Education.
8. What experience and knowledge do you have of the NEC/NFPA 70E etc. - Have you been on any working groups involved with PLASA/ESTA? Have you been involved with any code panels? Have you worked on any NEC code submissions? Please list group/panel names and dates.
9. Please list up to three references or recommendations - professional and/or personal. Please include full name and contact information.
10. What is your vision of the Safety and Training program and where do you see it expanding? What changes do you think need to be made?
Page 3
IATSE Local 728 Safety & Training Director Job Description
As the Safety and Training Director for Local 728 you will be carrying on a tradition of excellence and the pursuit of superior knowledge in the field of entertainment lighting and power. This pursuit will be reflected in the catalog of skilled base classes and the expansion into new and emerging technologies that help to define our lighting equipment and the means of expressing the desires of our Directors of Photography, Gaffers and Lighting Designers.
Listed below are the duties that form the basis of the Safety and Training Directors job:
a) Research and develop course curriculum.
b) Maintain student records database.
c) Create course schedules and applications.
d) Schedule and notify students of class assignments.
e) Create course specific tests and quizzes.
f) Supply course equipment and expendables.
g) Provide course materials (textbooks, handouts).
h) Provide course instructors.
i) Maintain payroll records.
j) Supply students/instructors with refreshments (craftservice)
k) Work with outside equipment vendors.
l) Work with CSATF documenting student records.
m) Provide and schedule course training facilities.
n) Research applicable codes and regulations governing studio electrical technicians.
o) Work with local fire enforcement regulators.
p) Provide monthly written report to the Local 728 Executive Board.
q) Prepare monthly article for Local 728 Bulletin and report at Membership Meetings.
r) Answer safety information calls from membership and studio safety departments
s) Organize safety and training seminars.
t) Attend monthly Labor/Management Safety Committee Meetings.




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