Are Proposed EPA Cuts Doing The Bidding Of Special Interest Polluters?

AFGE Council 238- a union representing EPA workers - says if EPA’s budget is really cut by the 31 percent Trump wants environmental protection will be crippled.

The Trump administration wants to cut EPA funding to the states while closing two of ten U.S. EPA regional offices.

AFGE Council 238 President John O’Grady says “Apparently, the Administration believes that Americans are stupid and will believe its lies. However, it is clear to most Americans that the Administration is simply carrying out the orders of its masters, the industries and special interests who want to make even more money and not be answerable for the damage they cause to America’s environment.”

O’Grady says “Not only does this Administration deny science, but it also denies the impacts caused by pollution.”

O’Grady says cuts in EPA funding will lead to an increase in diseases like typhoid and hookworm, more heavy metal contamination and reproductive problems caused by pesticides and hydrocarbons as well as increased cancer rates.



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