AFL-CIO, Fight For $15 Celebrate Defeat Of Trump Labor Secretary

A massive campaign waged against U.S. Labor Secretary nominee Andy Puzder forced his withdrawal Wednesday. AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka says "It’s a reminder of the collective power of working people..." 


Trumka says it also sends a message to Trump that it's time to change course completely, not double down. Trumka says Puzder's withdrawal is "great news for everyone who wants an America where wages rise, benefits are strong and unions are growing." 


Trumka says working people rejected Puzder over his routine labor law violations, disrespect for workers and his opposition to raising the minimum wage.


It's time, Trumka says, for Trump to turn campaign promises about supporting workers into real action. 


Fight For $15 says  "This is a major victory for the Fight for $15, but we can’t and won’t back down until the Trump Administration gives us a real labor secretary who will put working people over corporate profits.”




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