A Tax Reform That Works For Working People

Now that we've settled up our taxes with Uncle Sam, what would tax reform that actually works for working people look like?

Kelly Ross is Deputy Policy Director at the AFL-CIO.

"We need to have more revenue and it needs to come from big corporations and the wealthy. Clearly we have a problem with the current system which is that it's broken. It's rigged and too many big corporations get away with not paying really much of anything. And the wealthy likewise."

Ross says we need a more progressive tax system like we used to have.

"We used to have a system that was much more progressive than it is now. It used to raise more revenue and actually it was better for the economy than the current system does."

Ross says America has one of the lowest overall tax burdens in the developed world.

He says any complaints that corporation taxes are too high are misleading because corporations don't actually pay the higher rates.

 "They're just looking at the statutory rate - how much they pay is really a lot less than that. They don't end up paying the rate they're supposed to because there are so many loopholes."

Ross says tax reform that works for working people would be more progressive , draw more revenue from big business and the rich and would treat all income like taxable wages.



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