8-3-2020 IATSE 2020 Election State Planners

Sisters, Brothers, and Kin —

Regardless of where you stand politically, we believe that being a union member is inextricably tied to civic duty and the democratic process of voting. That’s why we’re writing to inform you that we’ve updated our IATSE 2020 Election State Planners.

These one page documents provide important election information - by state - including primary and caucus dates, voter registration and absentee application deadlines, and resources on where to find voter ID requirements and polling locations.

These latest updates provide more detailed information about each state’s specific vote by mail/absentee ballot rules and requirements. Examples include:

➢   Whether your state requires an excuse or not when requesting an absentee ballot (and where to find a list of acceptable excuses).

➢   When your application to request an absentee ballot must be returned in order to receive a ballot in the mail.

➢   When your absentee ballot must be received and/or postmarked in order to be counted in this year’s election.

Click here to view the new IATSE 2020 Election State Planners

COVID-19 has created unprecedented strain on our electoral system, but every state already has some form of voting by mail. In this uncertain time, we encourage our IATSE kin to identify and utilize state-specific vote by mail options as public health and safety concerns persist.

We welcome all IATSE U.S. members to utilize this resource, review the election information and voting laws specific to your state, and make a plan to vote!

We also urge all members to reconfirm your voter registration status here: www.iatse.co/checkmyreg.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

In solidarity,

IATSE Political/Legislative Department 



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