8-17-2020 NO on Prop 22 - Don't Fall for Uber and Lyft's Threats

Uber and Lyft threaten to put CA drivers temporarily out of jobs, historic wins in non-union industries, Kamala Harris as VP nominee, and more.

Don't Fall for Uber and Lyft's Threats, Say NO to Prop 22

On Wednesday, August 12, the CEOs of Uber and Lyft threatened to temporarily shut down their service and operation in the entire state of California if they are not able to appeal a recent ruling requiring immediate reclassification of their drivers as employees, revealing plainly that they would willingly lose profit and prevent their employees from working during an economic crisis, just to avoid adhering to fair wage standards, implementing worker protections, and providing healthcare benefits.

This comes after two weeks of wins for rideshare drivers, just two days after the August 10th announcement that the San Francisco Superior Court judge issued a preliminary injunction for Uber and Lyft to re-classify their drivers as employees within the next 10 days to remedy a “prolonged and brazen refusal to comply with California law" AB 5, which went into effect back in January. It also comes after CA Labor Commissioner Lilia Garcia-Brower announced on August 5 that her office is suing Uber and Lyft seeking to recover amounts owed to ALL of Uber’s and Lyft’s drivers, including the nearly 5,000 drivers who have filed claims for owed wages.

(A group formed by Uber and its industry peers has also recently taken to targeting University of California – Hastings law professor Veena Dubal on Twitter over her efforts to get their workers classified as employees.)

These companies trying to convince you that they are funding Proposition 22 with over $110 million to protect rideshare drivers are the same ones threatening to withhold work from their own employees during an economic crisis where people are struggling to make ends meet.

Stand With Rideshare Drivers This November: Vote NO on Prop 22.



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