6-9-2020 Voter registration


We’re just months away from one of the most anticipated elections of our generation—but nationwide, potential new voters are having trouble getting registered.

To protect public health during the COVID-19 crisis, many voter registration hot spots—like Department of Motor Vehicles and town clerks’ offices—have been closed for months. And canvassing efforts on college campuses, at concerts and on streets have been completely shut down, too.

So how can states combat this threat to our voting rights? By offering online voter registration.

Tell states without online voter registration: Enact this crucial reform—so voters can get on the rolls and make themselves heard in November, despite the COVID-19 crisis.

Online voter registration is a proven and secure way to modernize our voter registration systems. Letting eligible Americans register to vote (or update their registration) from home is convenient, safe—and it saves money for those states that have implemented it.

But this crucial option still isn’t available in several states, impacting tens of millions of Americans.

Experts say the loss of in-person registration opportunities this year will especially keep students, people of color and naturalized immigrants from the polls. Online voter registration can help—but states must act NOW so that voters will be ready in November.

Add your name to tell state officials: It’s time to modernize our election systems with online voter registration.

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