4-16-2020 Volunteer

While we are in the throws of this quarantine, many of us have found it useful to be of service in some capacity. This can include activities such as food delivery, calling/texting vulnerable members, or volunteering at a food bank. Currently, the LA Fed is organizing up to four food banks a week. That's four a week! The need is great, and Unions like Local 728 are answering the call. If you have any interest in volunteering in these ways, or even giving blood (we are in a dire blood shortage), please take some time and log on to your Local 728 website and update your "Volunteer Opportunities" selections under the "Edit" tab on your user profile page. You will then receive emails from the Local tailored to your interest when critical activities come up. While you are there, consider updating information about your skills/work preferences as well so you are ready when the work starts again, because the work will start again.

We will get through this...together.


Greg Reeves

Vice President

IATSE Local 728




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Studio Electrical Lighting Technicians

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