4-14-20 IATSE: 15,000 Sign Petition To Sinclair CEO For Broadcast Technicians

As a result of the COVID- 19 pandemic, broadcast sports technicians across the country find themselves unemployed, without financial relief. In a recently published article by the IATSE (The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees,) Sinclair has not yet amended their previous offer of a $2,500 loan to its unemployed broadcast technicians.

Over 15,000 allies of the IATSE have signed a petition to Sinclair CEO Christopher Ripley asking that the company follow the example set by CBS, FOX, ESPN, and NBC by offering compensation and benefit contributions for canceled events.

“Broadcast techs are genuinely hurting in what was supposed to be one of their busiest months, and the workers know Sinclair can afford to do better,” said Fran O’Hern, Co-Director of Broadcast for the IATSE. “We hope that 15,000 petition signatures send the message that Sinclair needs to put their broadcast techs before profits and follow the lead of the other major networks.”

For more information please contact IATSE Director of Communications, Jonas Loeb, at [email protected]. For press inquiries please contact Loeb at [email protected].



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