3-31-20 Food Bank-Drive-Thru for IATSE sisters and brothers

In these unsure times and with the spirit of “Taking Care of Our Own”, on Wednesday, April 8, 2020, the IA West Coast Office will be hosting a L.A. County Fed sponsored Food Bank-Drive-Thru for our IATSE sisters and brothers.

If you and your family need assistance, please contact me by phone (818) 954-0728 or email ([email protected]).  Your request will be kept confidential. 

This has come together quickly, and I will need a response by April 3, 2020 so enough bags are prepared and on hand.

Volunteers will be placing pre-packaged bags in the cars as they “drive through” the parking garage. No one will have to get out of their cars.

When:  Wednesday, April 8, 2020. 10am-2pm

Location: 2210 W. Olive Ave. Burbank, CA 91506

Patric J. Abaravich​

Business Representative

IATSE Local 728

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