3-23-20 Updated EDD Filing Info

With tomorrow being the new EDD filing week, there are many of you still currently being covered by your productions, but for those of you whose employment has come to a standstill and are filing for EDD for the first time or reopening an existing claim, attached is a PDF of a PowerPoint which should help. I will ask you to read this entire message and attachments before proceeding with your EDD filing. Get a feel of what’s coming next.
Many members are reporting issues when filing. The number one reason as EDD is communicating is the system is overloaded with the 17.5 Californian workforce on their site.
When you get to “Job History” and “Type/Job Classification”, follow the chart on the PDF. Please don’t try to make sense of some of it, EDD used my list of L728 job classifications and found their existing titles and put those together.
Although not perfect, if you read the attached PDF/PowerPoint, it should walk you through the process.
With the exception of an update from this last week. When you get to the “Additional Information” section, they have added some additional instructions which are in the second attachment and as explained:
"In regard to the COVID-19 shutdowns, If you were laid off due to the COVID-19 virus and you are filing, on the “Additional Information” page, the question, “Are you unemployed as a direct result of a recent disaster (for example: earthquake, flood, mudslide or fire) in California?” On the drop-down menu, select: “Public Health”......
Hopefully this will help and if you do get stuck somewhere, it probably is the network bogging down, but if you need further assistance, do not hesitate to contact me.
Patric J. Abaravich
Business Representative/Secretary
IATSE Local 728
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