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Tax Credit Program Application Dates & Fiscal Year Dedicated Funding

As we begin the first full year of California's Film & Television Tax Credit Program 2.0, a total amount of $330 million dollars in tax credits will be allocated. Last years' incentive program was a mixture of the old $100 million program with an added $230 million in funding from the 2.0 program. The $100 million program limited what productions could apply for a tax credit. The full 2.0 program is far more diverse and expected to draw a much more varied and lucrative production selection to the state. 

Case Study: Rosewood. An AB 1839 tax incentive recipient

Case Study: Rosewood
Television shows like Dexter, CSI Miami and Nip/Tuck all have two things in common: they were fictionally set in Miami, but filmed in Los Angeles and Orange County. This year, Fox’s new show Rosewood joins this list. Rosewood is a police procedural drama that focuses on Dr. Johnny Rosewood, the owner of one of the top independent crime labs in the country.


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