[Online] Lightwright 6 with John McKernon - Jul 3 2020

Join Lightwright creator John McKernon and Lightwright user David Kane as they explore how Lightwright can be integrated into the modern film and television workflow to speed up and automate many of the tasks facing anyone managing a modern set. We will take a project from drafting through documentation showing how many of the most tedious documenting tasks, including the generation of labels and placards, can be automated as a seamless addition to the work already being done in Vectorworks. A fully unlocked training license will be given to all participants so they can follow along and play at home after the training to explore how this software may help speed up and unify their workflow. This class is recommended for anyone involved in the creation or maintenance of a rig's documentation including programmers, DMX/Network Technicians and Rigging gaffers. A solid understanding of Vectorworks is recommended, but not required


Class Date: 

Friday, July 3, 2020 - 10:00am to 1:00pm



Additional Information: 

PLEASE READ this entire message as our signup process has changed! Enrollment for this class will be determined by lottery and everyone will be listed as PENDING with only the members who are selected by the drawing being enrolled in the class. The sign up period for this class starts now and will end on Friday, June 26 at 08:55AM. The lottery will occur at 9:00AM on the same day. You can view the drawing online at https://www.gotomeet.me/AlanRowe.


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