Lighting Programmers Lab - Nov 2 2019

This class will focus on current skill-based issues that affect lighting programmers and how to avoid/solve them. The instructor will set-up a topic and examine ways to work around these issues on multiple platforms. This class will also provide time to examine specific problems and solutions. The Lighting Programmers Lab is intended to be manufacturer agnostic whenever possible and covers lighting and media server programmers. Please contact the instructor directly for class topics and to submit your suggestions.


Class Date: 

Saturday, November 2, 2019 - 10:00am to 4:30pm



Additional Information: 

Systems Technician LAB - The purspose of this class is to outline the responsibilities of a Lighting Control Systems Technician. As lighting becomes more data driven, the need for a Systems Tech to engineer and manage the network is more important. We will discuss the three main areas of this role which include: The IP Layer, the DMX Layer, and the Lighting Layer. The IP layer includes the network that interconnects consoles, as well as sending large amounts of DMX universers over a single bi-directional network. The DMX Layer involves the the last leg of data from the network to the lighting devices and includes DMX cable, opti-splitters, and wireless. The last layer is the Lighting Layer which are the lighting devices themselves. As technology advances and more lighting products are released on the market, the menus, features, and control parameters of each light expand. The lighting systems tech needs to understand how to operate each lighting device and access its menus effectively.


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